Communicator 5 - The Symbol Communicator

Training Type: I-Series Training

Description: Communicator 5 includes three options for Home Pages to help you get started on the most appropriate communication level for the user - the Emerging, the Symbol or the Text Communicator. In this session, we will explore the Symbol Communicator.

An emerging communicator might be an individual who is using symbols and objects spontaneously. For example, Joey who is new to eye gaze, and can use picture symbols to communicate his needs, make requests, and with help ask simple questions. He needs symbol pages that are simple but are able to grow in complexity, as he becomes more proficient in his communication.

For Joey, the Symbol Home Page will offer simple vocabulary grids, to the more complex symbol-based vocabulary structures supporting the early stages of literacy. He will also have access to games, tools, and simple IR remote controls. Join us to explore not only the Symbol pagesets, but also discuss goals appropriate at this level to continue to develop higher level language and literacy skills.

1 hour

Patrick Brune, MS CCC-SLP

Flash Video


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