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Training Type: DynaVox T10/Compass

Description: $0Meet Kreed - a typical teenager who likes french fries, pizza, movies and going out into the community. Kreed also has Autism and communicates using some words, vocalizations, gestures and a communication device. Kreed uses his device in every situation. In fact, he will not leave home or get out of the car without it. He knows it is his voice and wants to use it.$0$0This webinar will focus on how you can use behavior supports to help an AAC user to more fully communicate. Social stories, schedules and other important behavior supports helps the AAC user learn to organize thoughts and make more sense of chaotic situations such as transitions during the day and visits to the hospital!$0$0Through video and discussion, we will learn how Kreed uses behavior supports to help navigate this somewhat chaotic world, help him expand vocabulary and understand new situations using communication rather than maladaptive behaviors. Join us to explore Kreed's world!$0$0Learning Outcomes:$0$01.  Describe at least three types of behavioral supports that may provide opportunity to express a variety of communicative needs and organize thoughts.$0$02.  Match 1-2 AAC device features to each target area: social communication, expressive and receptive language and behavioral/emotional regulation. $0$03.   Summarize 1-2 teaching strategies to target behavioral/emotional regulation. $0$0Presented by: $0$0Erin Polk, M.Ed., BCBA, has over 12 years of clinical experience working with individuals with autism and the last 7 specializing in integrating AAC devices into family's lives. She is a supervising BCBA at Arion Care Solutions in Flagstaff, Arizona. She runs several social media accounts documenting the day-to-day life of a teenager with autism who uses a communication device in all life situations. She also consults with families who use AAC devices on how their children can integrate devices into their family's lives.$0$0$0$0Financial Disclosure: Erin has no relevant financial disclosures.$0$0Non-financial Disclosure: Erin has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose. $0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0This course is offered for .1 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area).$0$0ASHA CEUs will be available for this recording from May 9, 2015 until May 8, 2016.$0$0$0$0Because of the unique characteristics of our product(s), this presentation will focus exclusively on Tobii Dynavox Compass and will not include information on other similar communication or educational product(s).$0$0$0

1 hour

Erin Polk, M.Ed., BCBA

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