Communicator 5 - The Emerging Communicator

Training Type: I-Series Training


Communicator 5 includes three options for Home Pages to help you get started on the most appropriate communication level for the user - the Emerging, the Symbol or the Text Communicator. In this session, we will explore the Emerging Communicator.

An emerging communicator might be an individual who is experiencing their first time in front of a computer screen. For example, Sarah who is new to eye gaze, and new to AAC. Sarah's parents and teachers can tell what she wants by reading her facial expression, and body language. Her caregivers want her to show a preference for favorite objects, activities, and people.

For Sarah, the Emerging Home Page will offer many different easy and fun engaging activities to encourage her to understand that she looks at the screen, something happens. Join us to explore not only the new pagesets, but also discuss goals or target skills for individuals at this level to help develop more reliable symbolic communication.

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Patrick Brune, MA CCC-SLP

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