DynaVox Series 5 for Emergent Communicators

Training Type: Series 5

Description: Emergent communicators are defined as individuals who are just beginning to communicate using a variety of methods including gestures, body language, facial expression, and a few simple and easily recognized symbols. Right now, they might only be able to communicate a limited number of messages in small set of specific contexts and routines. You might not even be sure that they understand everything you talk about with them. Emergent communicators range in age from young children to older adults. While we might not immediately think of high-tech AAC as the best fit for emergent communicators, many of the features of the Series 5 devices can be beneficial in supporting day-to-day communication as well as building language and literacy skills. This session will demonstrate pages and features appropriate for emergent communicators of all ages. 

Note:  The content of this session is appropriate for all Series 5 devices (V/Vmax, V+/Vmax+, Maestro).

40 minutes

Holly Schneider

Flash Video


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