On the Go: Itinerants Effectively Using Visual Supports

Training Type: Boardmaker Software Family


Itinerant professionals move from one location to another, sometimes multiple times a day. This nomadic work style requires a great deal of pre-planning by these professionals to ensure that they have all the visual aid materials and information they need to service their students or clients.  Some of the biggest challenges for itinerant professionals in this field are providing materials for unplanned instructional needs, exchanging information with other professionals, lost time in providing direct quality service and lack of vital instruction for caregivers and instructional staff. These challenges create the overall problem of itinerant professionals not being able to provide their desired level of service that enables their students and clients to more effectively accomplish their academic and developmental goals. This session reveals resources from the Boardmaker Software Family that itinerant professionals such as Speech and Language Pathologists, Education Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Behavior Specialists and other direct and related service itinerant professionals can use to access the visual aid and information they need to more effectively support their students and clients.

59 minutes

Enid Hurtado

Flash Video


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