Online Training FAQs

DynaVox now uses Adobe Connect Pro for our live online meetings. To attend a class you must have Adobe Flash installed. Please click the following link to test your computer. This connection test will check to see if your computer passes system requirements. If you do not, please perform the suggested actions and run the test again.

(Note: If you are doing this from your work computer, you may need an IT administrator to complete these actions for you, so please run this test as far in advance of the class as possible.)

How do I register for a Scheduled Web Class?

Register on the DynaVox website by clicking: Training Tab >> Online Training >> View Upcoming Classes. Find the Class you are interested in attending. Click on either the name of the class or the Register button to the right. (For more information about the Class, click on the Class title.) When you click the Register button, you will get a box telling you that you are leaving our site, click Confirm. Complete the registration form on our Adobe Connect site. You will receive a confirmation email within an hour.

How do I log on to the class I've registered for?
  • You should receive a confirmation email from with the link to access the class.
  • If you did not receive that email, you can return to the Training Tab >> Online Training >> View Upcoming Classes >>. Find the class that you registered for, and click on the name of the class.
  • You will notice that under the Register button there is a link that says Already Registered? Click this link and enter your email address. If you are registered for the class, you will then get a link that says Enter Room, and you will be taken directly to the class.
  • If it is not finding you, just click Register and fill out the form to get registered for the class. Note: If you are unable to join this session following these directions, please call 1-866-DynaVox and ask the operator for assistance with online training.

    Note: If you are unable to join this session following these directions, please call the toll-free number listed above and follow the voice prompts. You will be able to talk to the DynaVox and Mayer-Johnson associate who is leading the training session. She will be able to provide assistance in the sign in process until the time the session is scheduled to begin.
Do I need a telephone?

No. Our online classes are broadcast in VOIP, which means the sound from our presenters comes out over your computer speakers. To check your speaker volume, go the Start Menu >> Control Panel. Here you should find a section that lists 'Sound', and once you click on that, you should be able to manage your sound.

Will I receive CEUs for the class?
  • ASHA CEUs may be available for select classes. Availability and requirements will be noted in the class description when applicable.
  • We are more than happy to provide you with a certificate of attendance for any class. If you would like one please email or, following your class, to make this request.
What if I have questions during the class?

Most presenters will ask you to hold questions until the end of the class. If they are taking questions during the class, they will usually enable a chat box on the screen that you can type your questions in to. There is also an icon at the top of your screen that looks like a person with their hand raised – this allows you to help alert the presenter if you feel they are speaking too loud, or too soft, fast or slow. Also under this icon, you have the option to raise your hand if no chat box is available. Because of the large groups in many of our training classes, the presenter still may not respond to your raised hand until the end of the class.

When/how do I get handouts for the class?

The Adobe Connect Pro environment allows the presenter to share handouts during the class. There will be a box for you to download files. To download shared files to your computer follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the name of the file you wish to download
  2. Click Save to My Computer
  3. A browser window opens with a link to initiate a download.
  4. Click the link, specify a location to save the file and click OK.
  5. The file is now saved to your computer.

If you do not have the chance to specify the location - you should check your downloads folder as items often will default to downloading there. (To find this folder, got to: Start Menu>Computer>Windows7>Users>your username>Downloads.)

Do I need to have access to a product during the class?

No. The instructor will be demonstrating on the product(s), but you do not need to use your own during the class.

How do I get help the day of the class?

Please call 1-866-DynaVox and ask for help with online training. Your call will be directed to the appropriate team member.

If you have questions after the session begins, please email

Are there any other training options besides Web Classes?

Yes, both DynaVox and Mayer-Johnson offers a range of training options and formats that include Online, On-location and On Demand. Go to Training to learn more!

I missed the scheduled web class...

Please check the schedule because we may be offering the same class again. In addition, we are now recording most of our Web Classes. You can access them at Recorded Web Classes.

Can I get a Certificate of Complete for an online class?

Certificates of completion, if available, can be downloaded at the end of a live class, or after viewing a recorded class.

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