On Demand Training

We offer a variety of customizable training options, including Implementation Workshops, Professional Development Training, Hands-On Labs and Personalized Online Sessions.

Web Classes On-Demand

Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to increase your group's knowledge and application of DynaVox AAC devices and Boardmaker Software Family? An Implementation Specialist from our Accelerated Learning team will work with you to create a web-based training that addresses your unique instructional needs. Customizable one, two and three hour classes bring the information you need straight to your group.

Boardmaker Software Family Implementation Workshops
$2,500 for 1-50 participants; $500 for each additional group of 25

Hosted Implementation Workshops allow you to select your programming from an array of learning modules that focus on using symbol-based resources to address the communication and educational needs of various ages and populations. Each training day features 6 hours of application-based lecture, comprised of 4 different modules. You select the other three modules. Create a day of training on a specific topic (i.e. Autism) or provide your group with an overview of multiple topics. It's your choice!

Customized Professional Development
Starting at $3,500

Collaborate with one of our Accelerated Learning Specialist to create a completely customized day of professional development for your organization. Our experts will work with you to create the training you need, including hands-on product training and practical implementation suggestions. Workshops will be customized to meet your team's specific skill level, setting, needs and population served.

Hands-On Boardmaker Software Family Labs
$3,000/day for 1-15 people

Our on-demand labs provide skill-based instruction in the context of meaningful activities designed to maximize your group's use of the Boardmaker Software Family as an educational and communication-support tool. This training option features a full day of hands-on lab training on the Boardmaker Software Family and is open to an unlimited number of participants. Beginner, intermediate and advanced skills are covered, depending on the experience level of your group. You pick the date, the program and the level that's right for your group–we'll provide the lab software and the training!

At Your Service
Starting at $3,500

Don't see what you're looking for? We can help! Our team of Implementation Specialists will work with your group to create a personalized training program that addresses all of your unique goals. Want to address introductory skills during your in-service days at the start of the school year, curricular standards mid-year and more advanced skills later in the year? Need fresh suggestions on how to support communication and learning in your setting?
Contact us today – we can help.

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Providing device demonstrations and helping you through the funding process.

Implementation Toolkit

The Implementation Toolkit is a collection of video and print-based resources created to help you facilitate successful interaction using AAC.

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