LW40 and LW40C - How to create and manage Speech Exceptions

If words are not being pronounced correctly, you can create Speech Exceptions to adjust how a word is spoken by the device.

Article ID: 7012  |  Published: 7/21/2014  |  Last Updated: 7/21/2014


How to create, delete, and change Speech Exceptions on an LW40 or LW40C device.

1)  Press the ON/C button to bring up the Menu.
2)  Press 7 to get to the Setups Menu
3)  Press 4 to get to Word Stores and Language
4)  Press 1 to get to Word Stores (you do not need this step for an LW40 device)
5)  Press 4 to get to Speech Exceptions
6)  Press Do to add a new item, or press the first letter of the word to view existing items that begin with that letter.
To add a new item:
--first type in the problem word that is being misspoken
--then enter an exception for the word. For the exception, try spelling the word phonetically or divide it up with hyphens, for example Liverpool may sound better as Liver-pool or Liverpoole.
--You can test the pronunciation of your exception using Shift-Do, and change it as needed.
To edit an existing exception:
--press the first letter of the word, then use the Next and Back buttons to highlight the word that you want to change or delete.
--Choose the Do button to bring up a menu, then choose the option that you want to use.
--When finished with your modifications, choose the On/C button to exit the menus, and choose 1 from the main menu to go back to the Talk function.