Are DynaVox chargers interchangeable?

Can I use any DynaVox charger with any DynaVox device?

Article ID: 6419  |  Published: 5/14/2012  |  Last Updated: 5/14/2012


The Series 5 devices (V, Vmax, V+, Vmax+, Maestro) as well as the M3 and Xpress all use the same charger. You can use the charger from any of these devices interchangeably with one another.

The Eyemax can only be charged with an Eyemax charger.

Due to the difference in connections and voltage output, older DynaVox chargers are not interchangeable and can not be used with a current Series 5 generation device like the V or Maestro.

The Dynawrite, Dynawrite 2.0 and Dynamo original all use the same charger.

Chargers for the DV4/MT4 and minimo/MightyMo are interchangeable.

The DynaVox 3100 model can only be charged with a 3100 charger.