Vmax/V, Maestro: What are the InterAACt companion page sets?

What are the InterAACt companion page sets?

Article ID: 6393  |  Published: 5/7/2012  |  Last Updated: 5/7/2012


The InterAACt companion page sets include Alphacore, Communicate4, Dynalessons and Word Power. These are additional pages that can be purchased for the Series 5 devices. DynaVox Customer Service can provide information on the cost and ordering process for these accessories. Customer Service can be reached at 866-DYNAVOX or 800.344.1778. Once received, the companion page sets are provided on a physical CD that can be put into a different computer and copied to a USB storage device (flash drive) to transfer to the DynaVox device or can be installed using an external CD drive.