Can I calibrate the touch screen without having a USB mouse?

Previously, if the touch screen got too far out of alignment, you had to plug in an external mouse in order to recalibrate. Now, you can follow this procedure and recalibrate using the touch screen.

Article ID: 6340  |  Published: 10/26/2012  |  Last Updated: 10/26/2012


If a USB mouse is not available to bypass the touch screen to perform a calibration, in version 1.07.2, you can follow this procedure to access the touch screen and the new calibration prompts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to access this calibration option succesfully, timing is important. It can be helpful to review these instructions before starting the process.

1. Turn the device off by pressing and releasing the Power button once (Note: If the Yes/No confirmation comes up, even if no selection can be made, the unit should shut down automatically).

2. Press the Power button again to turn the device on.

3. After Windows starts, you will see the blue screen with 'DynaVox InterAACT onboard' displayed.  At the bottom center, there are a series of three dots (. . .) then the message “Creating main window...". As soon as the "Creating main window" changes to "Opening Language files...", press and Hold your finger on the touch screen.

4. Continue to Hold your finger on the screen until you see this icon with a white question mark displayed:


5. As the icon with a question mark begins to fade and get dimmer, lift your finger from the screen then immediately start pressing and Holding down again on the screen (before this icon with a question mark fades away completely).  The first icon will change to the following with a white check mark:


7.  Lift your finger off the screen then immediately start pressing and Holding down again on the screen. In about 3 seconds of holding, this second icon will start to fade and get dimmer. Before with this second icon with a white check mark fades completely, remove your finger completely from the screen and do not touch the screen again until it is gone (Note: A third touch at this point will cancel this process and you will need to start it again from step 1).

The touch screen calibration routine will begin when the second icon with a white check mark fades completely. You will see a target that is a half-circle with arrows appear in the top right corner (it will seem to be off of the screen but that is how it is intended to start). You will press and hold on that target until you see the word Release. When you lift your finger off the screen, the next target will appear. Once all targets have been selected, a message appears to touch the screen to verify the target move to your finger. Drag your finger from left to right across the words then select the Accept button at the bottom. Once you successfully select the Accept button, the DynaVox software will complete the startup process. When the page is displayed, the screen should be calibrated again. If you need any assistance, please contact any representative at 800.344.1778.