How to Manually Program Commands for a Remote

How to program a selected remote control if the device can not learn the entire set of codes using the My Remote Controls in the IR Browser menu.

Article ID: 5612  |  Published: 6/18/2012  |  Last Updated: 6/18/2012


You can use the original remote control for a specific appliance to teach the device specific functions from that remote. To manually program a selected remote, follow these steps:

  1. Have the original remote for the appliance available.
  2. Select the Main Menu button in the title bar.
  3. Select Setup.
  4. Select Tools Menu.
  5. Select the IR Browser button.
  6. Select the My Remote Controls button.
  7. Select the Remote you wish to program from the list.
  8. Select the Program the Selected Remote Control.
  9. Select Start Learning Each Command when you are ready to begin. The device will attempt prompt you with onscreen instructions to aim the remote at the DynaVox then select the button on the remote that corresponds to the function being displayed so the unit can try to learn the IR code for that function.
  10. After you have learn all of the desired commands, select Done.
  11. Select OK to exit the open menus.