VMax/V, EyeMax - Do we support or recommend using a Broadband Air Adapter?

Can I use either the AT&T Communication Manager or the Sprint Air card services to connect wirelessly to the web?

Article ID: 5354  |  Published: 7/11/2012  |  Last Updated: 7/11/2012


DynaVox does not recommend using a Wireless Broadband Air adapter with the Series 5 devices for a variety of reasons.  This does not mean that it can not be done, however, it may cause overall slowness and performance issues especially when using an Eyemax eye tracking system.  

Using either an AT&T or Sprint 'air card' service can significantly slow down the performance of the device. In some instances, these services can cause the device to stop working. DynaVox has tested both services using the VMax device (800MHz 1GB XP Home) together with the EyeMax accessory. The average response, even while idling, was that the CPU hovered between 30-40% and the RAM usage was at about 60%. Navigating to Web pages would often tax the CPU enough to cause choppy cursor movement and even cause the EyeMax to be unresponsive for 5-10 seconds. And as with any web page, more intense graphics (flash, pictures, etc.) cause a correspondingly slow computer response. The alternative is to use one of the recommended USB wireless adapters with a standard wireless router or modem.