Rehadapt desk mount including video

Rehadapt desk mount including video

Article ID: 4984  |  Published: 12/23/2009  |  Last Updated: 8/16/2010


The desk mount comes with one leg of the legs not attached. There are two bolts and an Allen wrench included to attach the leg. Once the leg is attached, you will want to unscrew the black knob until the legs swing freely (it will seem very loose). Once the legs can be positioned so both short sides are on the one side (i.e. the top) and both long sides are on the other side (i.e the bottom) in relation to the center post, the center post can be lifted up so it is perpendicular to the legs.

There is a small silver button on the center post. As the center post is being lifted, you will want to press that silver button in to allow the center post to slide into its final locked position. The knob can then be screwed tightly to lock the center post in place.  

There are two small arms near the receiving plate for the mount plate that the device slides into. One of these arms adjusts for the angle of the device. The other adjusts for the height of the device. Watch the attached video for a better view of these parts.