I used the green Modify button to add a symbol to one of the buttons on the Aphasia pages. Now, that symbol is appearing on the button in the same location on all of the popups.

The Aphasia pages use Advanced Programming to make the pages work in the framework evaluated as efficient and effective for a client with a diagnosis of Aphasia.

Article ID: 4196  |  Published: 6/5/2013  |  Last Updated: 6/5/2013


The green Modify button was hidden as it is not intended to be the primary method for customizing the Aphasia pages.  

The keyboard button (with the digital image of a white computer keyboard) that appears on the popups accesses the special programming menu to customize those pages.  You can use the green Modify button to eliminate the symbol on the button on one of the popups and it should no longer appear on that same button on all of the buttons.   

For a manual with additional information on programming these pages (Visual Scene Displays) please see the attached document.