My software is crashing when I go to System Settings.

My software is crashing when I go to System Settings.

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

Article ID: 7044  |  Published: 10/20/2014  |  Last Updated: 10/20/2014


This could be caused by a few different things but is more than likely being caused by security on a Internet or network.
Maker sure you have done a proper shut down and restart of the device. if you have not or are not sure. Do the following.

1. Shut down the device through the software or windows.
2. While the device is off, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. the power light should flash after you remove your finger.
3. Power on the device normally by pressing and releasing the power button.

 When the device powers on make sure that the date and time on the device are correct. If it is not be sure to use the internet settings to synchronize the date and time.

If you are connected to a network that requires a sign in or acceptance in order to surf the web then you will need to accept or sign in. You can find this out by opening your web browser and see if you are prompted for sign in credentials or a Accept page. If you can't accept or don't have credentials then you need to get authorization to do so or you can also try disconnecting from the network if you are not using any of the online features.

These kind of settings affect the Dynavox upgrade option which looks for updates and will crash if it is being blocked by security.

If you are still not able to access system settings then you will need to contact Technical support to setup a repair at 866-396-2869. Available MON-FRI 8-6 EST
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