Can I change/save the default location for the pictures I take with the camera?

You can change the location, but it will not save and will default back to Unfiled Photos.

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro

Article ID: 6873  |  Published: 8/1/2013  |  Last Updated: 8/1/2013


To change the location your photos are saved to before you take a picture you must do the following:

1. Click on the upside down triangle

2. Click on Setup and then the Tools menu

3. Click on the Photo Album Browser Button

4. Click on the Camera button in the bottom right corner.

5.  Click on select Camera Controls in the top right corner

6. Select Photo Albums

7. Put in 'X' next to the album you want to the photo to be saved in

Once the picture is saved it will be located in that folder.   Once that window is closed, there is no way to save the location for future photos, it will always default back to unfiled photos.


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