Device seems to be freezing

"My device boots up normally and looks ok but does not respond to touch." Here are some first things to check when your device seems to be frozen and unresponsive, including one solution which fixes many of these cases.

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+, Devices

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"Frozen" or seemingly unresponsive devices fall into a few categories,
the largest proportion of which respond to a simple fix...

MOST of these cases turn out to be related to the system's TouchScreen having gone largely or completely offline.

To tell if the problem is related to the TouchScreen itself, just plug an ordinary USB Mouse into your device...
If the mouse cursor shows up and you can both easily move it around and click items with it, the problem is the TouchScreen.

Most of these cases then can be cleared up by using the mouse to make your way into
the appropriate menu and recalibrating the TouchScreen:

MENU BUTTON (triangle in circle at top-edge of screen) >
1.) Having used the mouse to arrive inside the calibration screen sequence, set it aside and now,
using your fingertip
, press and hold on each target until the target shrinks and says "release"...
2.) After the last target, you'll get a message on the screen saying "Touch the screen to verify the target moves to your finger"
3.) Now touch and release various places on the screen to verify that the touch screen "knows" precisely where you are touching and is not making bad assumptions on the exact location of your touch. The targets should appear precisely centered on your point of contact with the screen.
4.) If your test-touches all look good, hit "ACCEPT" in the lower left before the countdown runs out to zero.
5.) Close all the menus with the OK's at their bottom edges and get all the way back out to the current communication page.
6.) Now test the page by finger-touch to see if the problem has been resolved.
7.) If it is now responding to touch but with some difficulty, go back into the menus and try another recalibration.
8.) Of course, if things still are not significantly improved, call Technical Support at 1-800/ 344-1778, Mon-Fri, 8AM-6PM Eastern.

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