Why does the voice sound like a rattle?

Why does the voice sound like it has slight rattle or static?

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

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There are a few possibilities for the source of the voice not sounding clear:

Alternate Output: The Alternate Output is setting is used to send spoken text to another computer using an AccessIT accessory from DynaVox. To change this setting, follow these steps:

1.    Select the Main Menu button

2.   Select Setup.

3.   Select Setup Menu.

4.   Select Input/Output Settings.

5.   Select Alternate Output.

6.   Uncheck the 'Enable Alternate Output' checkbox so it no longer displays an X.

7.   Select OK to exit the open menus.

Acapela voices: The Acapela speech processor can sometimes cause static (popping, distortion) especially when being used with longer sentences. To check the current voice being used and to possibly try a different speech processor temporarily for testing:

1.    Select the Main Menu button

2.   Select Setup.

3.    Select Setup Menu.

4.    Select Speech Controls.

5.    At the top, if it currently says Acapela for Manufacturer, change that to VeriVox.

6.    Change the Voice to read the name Jamie.

7.    Select OK to exit the open menus

8.   Test this voice. If you do not hear the same static, it may be the voice. You can use the Acapela voice but be aware that there may be some static with longer sentences.

Speakers: If you have checked the Alternate Output and tested a different speech processor, but still hear static, it may be the physical speaker or something else in the device. Please contact Technical Support at 800-344-1778 with the device available so we can determine if we believe the speaker or other issues may be the source of the static. 


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