Upgrading with an Upgrade file from a CD or the website

Upgrading with an Upgrade file from a CD or downloaded from the Downloads section of the DynaVox website to a USB storage device.

Applies To: Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

Article ID: 3190  |  Published: 10/26/2012  |  Last Updated: 10/26/2012


In order to successfully upgrade a V/Vmax or Maestro device (without an active Internet connection directly to the device), you will need to download the upgrade file from the Support and Downloads section of the DynaVox website (click on the word download to access it) or use a file copied from an upgrade CD.  Even if the unit is fully charged, you will also need the charger to perform the upgrade.

You will want to ensure you are using the correct file for an Open or Closed device.  You can check if a device is an Open  or Closed device by selecting the blue Main Menu icon from the title bar to open the drop-down list of choices. If the last option is 'Shut Down device' this unit is a Closed device. If the last option is 'Exit DynaVox' it is an Open device (because you can exit the DynaVox speech software to access the Windows portion of the device).

In addition, if you are attempting to update from a version older than 1.06, you should contact Techincal Suport at 800.344.1778 to discuss the upgrade process. To check the version, select the blue Main Menu icon then Setup and Setup menu. The version will be listed at the top. Note: You may get errors if attempting to update from a version older than 1.06 to the current version so please confirm the version before starting this process.

When you receive an upgrade CD, you must first use a Windows computer to copy the upgrade file from the CD onto the USB storage device. After that is complete, you can use the steps below to upgrade the Series 5 software on your V/Vmax device.

Note: Upgrading will not affect your pages, popups or custom files. It is recommended, however, that you backup the current user on your device before upgrading the software. Refer to "Back Up the Selected User" for more information. 

To copy the upgrade file from your CD to the USB Storage Device, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the upgrade CD into the computer.
  2. The CD may automatically open a 'Read Me' window.  If that opens, close the window.
  3. Double-click on the My Computer icon on the Windows desktop.
  4. Right-click on the CD ROM drive.
  5. Select Explore.
  6. Select the Upgrade Files folder.
  7. Select the appropriate upgrade file (Open or Closed) and copy it to your USB storage device.

To upgrade your Series 5 software with a USB storage device or other external file sharing device, follow these steps:

  1. Even if the unit is fully charged, you must plug the device into the charger.
  2. Connect the USB storage device that contains the upgrade file to your device (the dual USB host port is on the left side).
  3. Select the blue Main Menu icon from the title bar.
  4. Select Setup.
  5. Select System Settings.
  6. Select the DynaVox Upgrade button.
  7. An alert will remind you that upgrading does not affect your custom information, and ask if you want to continue. Select the Yes button to continue.
  8. An alert will inform you that it could not establish a connection to the Internet. Select the Don't Try to Connect button to continue.
  9. An alert will ask if you have an upgrade file. Select the Yes button.

  10. Select Show All Directories.
  11. In the left viewport, select the icon that represents the USB storage device that is connected to your V/Vmax device. The icon resembles a disk, and it typically has the drive letter D:, E:, etc.
  12. Select the name of the upgrade file in the right viewport. The file will end in .sup
  13. Select the OK button.
  14. An alert will inform you that upgrading will restart your device. Are you sure that you want to continue? Select the Yes button.
  15. An alert will inform you that your device will reboot twice as part of the upgrade procedure. Select the OK button to continue. The touch screen will go dark and your device will begin the software upgrade process. This will involve restarting your device two times.
    • Note: Do not touch the power button during the software upgrade process. Do not disconnect the power cord or any file sharing devices during the upgrade process.
  16. After a few minutes, your device software will restart and the page that was open before the upgrade procedure will be open again. Once the upgrade is complete, you may disconnect the external file sharing device and the charger from your Series 5 device.
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