What do I need to purchase to use the X10 environmental control feature?

Additional equipment is necessary to use the device's Infrared (IR) capabilities to control non-Infrared equipped appliances such as a lamp or fan. Additional equipment is generally NOT needed to use the DynaVox as an IR remote control for a TV or VCR, as these appliances are usually IR-equipped.

Applies To: Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+, 3100, DV4/MT4

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In addition to the DynaVox device, you will need to obtain

·         one “IR” X-10 TRANSCEIVER* unit (formerly called an IR-X10 Command Console) for each room, and…

·         one “X-10 Appliance Module” for each appliance to be controlled.


“How it works”, in short form:


            The SPEECH DEVICE talks (via IR,) to

                        - the IR X10 TRANSCEIVER, which talks, via a signal along the wall-current, to

                                    - an X10 APPLIANCE MODULE which switches on/off the power to

                                                - the APPLIANCE you had plugged the module into. (see diagram)



1.) The X10 TRANSCEIVER absolutely must be an “IR”-receiving device, or none of this will work.

2.) One IR X10 Transceiver can "command" up to eight appliance modules in one room.

3.) No handheld IR "remote control" is necessary here;  the DynaVox speech device takes its role.


Since around 2010 or so, a number of the “classic” X10 components have been discontinued by the

original manufacturers of X10 hardware worldwide.  You may search online to see what is still available elsewhere

or simply contact DynaVox Customer Service for what we carry ( *we do still offer all the basic components necessary).



X10 at Wikipedia:   Smart Home website, or call 1-800-762-7846



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