Setting up AccessIT

Setting up AccessIT

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

Article ID: 6342  |  Published: 3/19/2012  |  Last Updated: 3/19/2012


1.     Get started by inserting your AccessIT device into your computer

2.     Open your word processing application on the computer

3.     With the Dynavox device in hand, Select the Main Menu button in the title bar. (the upside down blue triangle)

4.     Select Setup.

5.     Select Setup Menu

6.     Select “Input/Output Settings

7.     Underneath the Label “Computer Access” select the drop and

select “Bluetooth AccessIT

8.    Select the blue button titled “Bluetooth Devices

9.    On the Dynavox AccessIT device, select (and hold) the power button for a two or three seconds until you see the light start blinking

1.    While the light is blinking, on the Dynavox device, select “Find All

10. Your Dynavox AccessIT device should appear in the selection window before you.

11. Select grey button labeled “AcessIT…”, then click/select “OK”

12. Select “Ok”

13. Select “Ok”  …Now you should be looking at the Dynavox Setup menu

14. Select “Tools

15. Select “Page Browser

16. In the left side view panel, select the folder labeled, “Computer Pages

17. Select the file labeled “Computer Page (20 buttons)

1.    When the page is correctly selected you will see an “X” in the box immediately to the left of the file name

18. Select the blue button labeled, “Go To Page

19. On this page, use the directional arrows to test your AccessIT link.

20. Your AccessIT device is now connected, enjoy!

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