2012-2016 Calendar Pages

2012-2016 Calendar Pages

Applies To: Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

Article ID: 6295  |  Published: 1/5/2012  |  Last Updated: 1/21/2013


The calendar pages has been updated and expanded.  The latest Calendar Pages will now automatically update each year 2012-2016.  In addition, the user can now navigate to previous and subsequent years to review or add important events.  The Calendar Pages allow the user to: individually speak the day, month, year, and event description; speak the entire date with the selection of just one button; and have the ability to highlight the current day. 

Required Downloads:


This package of calendar pages requires the latest Series 5 software version which can be found at this link:

You can check the version of software that is running on the device by selecting the blue Main Menu (triangle) icon from the title bar then Setup and Setup menu. At the top, it states 'DynaVox Setup Version 1.0X'. If that number is not 1.07.2, you will need to upgrade before you can import this package of calendar pages.

Note: If you prefer more basic calendar pages which would not require upgrading first, you can import the 2012 and 2013 Series 4 calendar pages found at the link below:

Note:  After importing the updated Calendar Pages package, there is an optional step where you can import the events file (Calendar Pages 2011-2016 Holidays text file).  This will add selected holidays up to 2016. 

To add this file:

1.   Select the Calendar Main page.

2.   Select the Add/Edit Event button.

3.   Select the Import/Export Events button.

4.   Select the Import button (and locate the 2012 - 2016 text file saved to a USB storage device).    




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