How do I reset the device back to the original factory settings?

How do I reset the V/Vmax back to factory defaults?

Applies To: Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

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When the device ships new, the Users are all default sets of pages. If a Custom User has been created on the device (i.e. using the User Setup Wizard or by making a copy of an existing User), you can use these steps to delete these custom Users or pages completely from the device:

Answer Title: Vmax/V: How to delete a User ( )

If the default Users that are shipped when the device is new have been changed or altered, you can reset those Users back to the defaults by replacing that existing User with a default copy by restoring it from a USB storage device. You can find copies of the default Users under the Downloads section of the DynaVox web site. Use these steps to restore a User:

Answer Title: Vmax/V: How do I restore the current user from a backup file? ( )

If the unit is an Open device (where you can access both the DynaVox speech software and the Windows portion of the device), there may be files that have been saved in other locations on the device that may need to be deleted (i.e. music, pictures, etc). The only way to eliminate any of that information would be to either delete it manually or to set up a repair to have the device completely wiped clean (re imaged) so it is like it would have been out of the box without any custom information.  If the unit is not under warranty, this would be treated as a charge repair.
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