Page templates in the Navigator User

I am trying to use Quick Page in the Navigator User Environment, but there are no templates available. How can I access the templates?

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

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The Navigator set of pages does not have any templates pre-loaded in it. The Navigator pages are essentially a closed set of pages that can be personalized for the client, but were designed and optimized for use with the EyeMax eye tracking accessory.  Each set of pages or User in the Vmax/V device is like a chapter in a book with different content.  There are two options for adding templates to the Navigator User.

I: You can share pages or templates from other Users with the Navigator User.

To share templates or pages between users, access the steps found at this link:

Once the desired template or templates have been brought into the Navigator User, you can then use these steps to create a new page using the Quick Page feature 

II: You can use the Page Wizard to create new pages or templates.

The Page Wizard was designed to provide a variety of options for creating a new page. There is not a single definitive 'step-by-step' sequence to take you through the Page Wizard. Each sequence will differ, depending on the options you decide to include in the page and how you define them.

To launch the Page Wizard:

1. Select the blue Main Menu button in the title bar.
2. Select Page Editing in the drop-down menu.
3. Select Page Wizard in the second drop-down menu. The Page Wizard window will be displayed and is divided into two boxes.
o The Controls in the box on the left enable you to modify the various characteristics of the page.
o The Preview box on the right displays a preview of the page as you proceed through the steps of the Page Wizard and choose different options. These can include:
- Complexity level
- Layout
- Page vs Popup (a page fills the entire screen and generally has a message window; a popup generally does not fill the entire screen, is displayed on top of the page underneath it and has a close popup button to return the page below it).
- Color selections
- Numbers of buttons (rows and columns)
o The Next>> and <<Prev navigation buttons are located at the bottom of each Page Wizard window. Note: The Next button will be disabled if an option on the current page being created needs to be defined further before you can continue.
4. Continue to make selections through the options as presented by the Page Wizard.
5. When the page is designed to your satisfaction, you can either create the page or save it as a template. When you select either option, you will be prompted to enter a name for the page or template. Enter the name in the system keyboard and select the OK button when finished.
o If you select the Create the Page button and save it, the new page that you designed will be open on the screen.
o If you select the Create as Template button and save it, the new template will be available for use with the Quick Page feature.  

You may stop designing a page at any point in the process by selecting the Exit the Page Wizard button. At that time, you have the option to save the progress you have made to this point, or to delete all changes.

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