Error message "Missing DLLs for waterfall procedure"

I have an error message: "Missing DLLs for waterfall procedure."

Applies To: EyeMax, V/Vmax

Article ID: 4536  |  Published: 10/2/2013  |  Last Updated: 10/2/2013


Please contact Technical Support via phone at 1-800-344-1778 from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. EST Monday through Friday to resolve this issue.

You can also use the following steps to access support via the Remote Support option on the device. Remote Support is available from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

  1. Put the device on the charger. The orange LED light at the top should become illuminated.
  2. Start up the device.
  3. When the message about contacting DynaVox Technical Support comes on, plug an Ethernet cable into the device that is connected to an active Internet Connection.
  4. If available, plug a keyboard and mouse into the USB ports on the left side of the unit.
  5. Select Yes to start the process.
  6. A window will open that says "Pre-Session Information." Type in your name using the keyboard that is plugged into the device then select the Submit button at the bottom.
  7. A message will appear: "Do you want to run or save this file?" Select Run.
  8. A message will appear: "Do you want to run this software?" Select Run.
  9. A window will appear: "Waiting for a technician."

An available Technical Support Representative will pick up and assist you from here.

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