Wheelchair mount ordering basics

To start, we always need the answers to the questions on the MOUNT WORKSHEET:

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Find the answers to the THREE PRIMARY QUESTIONS from the worksheet:

  1. Is it a tilting seat on this chair? (ie: was this chair selected because of its seat's ability to tilt?)
  2. If so, what kind of tube or bar runs along-underneath, supporting the outer side-edges of the Seat Pan?... ( "Seat-Pan"= the plate holding up the seat cushion: get the precise diameter if round; get exact dimensions of tube's cross-section if not round ).
  3. If not a tilting seat, what's the diameter of the tube (or cross-section dimensions of the bar) on the chair at the anticipated point of attachment for the mount? See the suggestion for the simplest, yet most accurate method of measuring round tubes on the bottom of the worksheet.

On chairs with tilting seats we have to attach to the seat's framing, not to the chair's wheelbase framing. This allows the speech device to travel with the seat, maintaining a fixed relationship with the user at all times. Attaching to seat frames usually finds us attaching the mount to a tube or channel-bar that supports the outer side edges of the seat's Seat-Pan, the plate which holds up the seat cushion. This plate is usually directly attached to/laying on top of that tube or channel-bar, so we can't get a standard clamp completely around the tube or bar. So, for round tubes holding up the seat pan, we use a clamp called a Side Mount INNER Piece (SMIP) which clamps around 90% of the tube's circumference, yet still allowing a gap at the top for where the seat-pan plate comes in contact with the tube.

The Frame Clamp OUTER-Piece

For safety reasons, on chairs with tilting-seats ("tilt-in-space") we must not use the standard Frame Clamp Outer Piece ("UFCOP"). Instead, we should use a special latching version, called a Removable Outer Piece and Receiver (ROP-RFCR)


IF the seat on the client's chair tilts (is a "tilt-in-space" seat), and...IF the tube that's below and supporting the seat-pan is round, And is 1" diameter (= 3 3/16" waist-size circumference)...Then, your best bet would be to order the below...

  1. Mount Assembly: 500193 Daessy Folding Mount" or "# 500197 Daessy Rigid Mount
    • NOTE: that the system named the "Locking Swing-Away Mount" is only for users who can move it themselves & must NOT be used on chairs with tilting seats - in fact, it should not be used in any set up which would tilt its vertical tube.
  2. Mount Plate for the back of whichever speech device the client will have #501236 or a V or Vmax; #500218 for a DV4; #500222 for a MT4.
  3. #500134 UFC1000SMIP 1" Side Mount Inner Piece
  4. #500201 ROP-RFCR Removable Outer Piece and Receiver



  1. Which mount style? (Folding Mount; Rigid Mount; Locking Swing Away Mount)
  2. Which speech-device adapter-plate? (for a DV4? - or for a MT4? etc.)
  3. Which Frame Clamp assembly? (assembly = which inner piece plus which outer piece? )


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