How do I import a User into the User Manager?

What are the steps for importing a User into the User Manager?

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

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The DynaVox Series 5 software gives you the option to share Users Environments that have been created in a variety of places including another V/Vmax device and the Page Editing software. These steps can also be used to import a User to return that User back to the pre-loaded default set of pages (if the original User has been changed) or to add a User that has been deleted.  Copies of the default Users can be found in the Downloads section of the DynaVox website or on the CD that came with the unit. 

In order to successfully import the User file, it must be stored (or copied onto) on one of the following types of file sharing device:

  • USB storage device
  • CompactFlash card

To import a User, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the file sharing device that contains the desired .user file to your V/Vmax device (the dual USB host port is on the left side, the card slot is on the right side). 
  2. Select the Main Menu button in the title bar.
  3. Select Setup.
  4. Select Setup Menu.
  5. Select the User Manager button.
  6. Select the Import User File button.
  7. Select the Show All Directories check box.
  8. In the left viewport, select the icon that represents the file sharing device that is connected to your V/Vmax device. Typically, this is drive D:, E: or F:.
  9. In the right viewport, select the name of the User file that you want to import.
  10. Select the OK button to close the Select File menu.
  11. Use the system keyboard to enter a name for the new user (Note: If it is one of the default Users that were changed or deleted, you will want to name it the exact name as the .user file beind used i.e. Child, Adult, Teen, etc).
  12. Select the OK button to close the system keyboard.
    • Note: If you enter the name of a User that already exists on your device, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing user with the one you are importing. Select the Yes button to overwrite the existing user. Select the No button to re-open the system keyboard and enter a different name for the user that you are importing.
  13. Please be patient - an hourglass icon may be displayed while the user file is being imported. When it is finished, the name of the new user will be displayed in the left viewport in the User Manager menu.
  14. If you want to open the newly created user, complete the rest of this step.
    1. Highlight the name of the new user in the left viewport at the top of the menu.
    2. Select the Change to Selected User button.
    3. Select the Yes button to confirm that you want to change users.
    4. Select the Exit DynaVox button to confirm that you want to restart your device software. The touch screen will go dark and the device will begin the reset process. A series of splash screens may be presented for a few moments. Do not make any selections on these screens. Do not select the power button. Do not disconnect any file sharing devices. After a brief period, your device software will automatically restart.
  15. If you did not choose to open the new user, select the OK button to close the User Manager menu.
  16. Select the OK button to close the Setup menu.
  17. You may disconnect the file sharing device if you wish.
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