The IR commands are not working

I'm having trouble learning IR through the IR Browser (My Remote Controls) The IR appliance is not responding.

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+

Article ID: 3114  |  Published: 10/11/2012  |  Last Updated: 10/11/2012


There are a few possibilities to explain this. They are listed below in the order that they should be checked.

Make sure that the IR devices on the V/Vmax or Maestro (located in the front and the bottom of the device) are pointed at the appliance that you want to control.

  • Device IR hardware: If possible, test the appliance remote with another V/Vmax or Maestro device. If the second V/Vmax device can successfully learn and transmit the IR code, then the original V/Vmax device may have a faulty IR device, or other issues. If there is a problem with the IR device within the V/Vmax or Maestro, contact DynaVox Technical Support.
  • Interference: Turn off florescent lights and other device or appliance that may be transmitting an IR signal.
  • Incompatibility:
    • Try using the V/Vmax or Maestro to control a different appliance. If the device can learn codes from another remote, and successfully control the other appliance, that will verify that the IR devices inside the unit is working. If this is the case, the first device may not be compatible with the DynaVox.
    • Is the appliance an RF box? Reviewing the manual or or looking up the Model number online will confirm or deny this.  The box must be IR not RF. For Example, the Comcast RNG110 High-definition digital set-top (manufactured by Pace) is RF and will not work.
  • Manual Learning: If the My Remote Controls will not work to learn the entire remote at once, you can try manual learning using the original remote for the item. For example, the Cisco RNG150 or RNG200N Digital-Only High-Definition box (manufactured by Scientific Atlanta) is not listed in the My Remote Controls codes, but may work with manual learning using the physical remote.
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