Recommended Wireless Network Adapters

This is a list of the wireless network adapters that have been tested for use with the V/Vmax devices.

Applies To: V/Vmax

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In order to access the Internet and send or receive email with your V/Vmax device, you must connect to the Internet. You may either connect a network cable to the Ethernet port on the left side of the device, or use a wireless network adapter to access a wireless Internet network.

DynaVox has tested a variety of wireless network adapters and recommends the options below. You may purchase them from the computer electronics retail store of your choice, from an online source or directly from DynaVox by calling Customer Service at 800 344 1778. 

NOTE: The list below is a guide for customers that want to buy a tested adapter. It may be possible to use other wireless adapters with the device. Please confirm that the wireless adapter you are considering is compatible with Windows XP and your particular wireless access point before purchasing.  It may be necessary to contact the manufacturer of the wireless adapter for assistance with driver installation and setup.






 AmbiCom  WL54-CF

 1 or 2

 Compact Flash

 Download XP Driver

 Belkin  F5D7050



 Download Driver Zip File

  D-Link  DWL-G122



Download Driver 

Belkin Driver Installation Instructions for an OPEN DynaVox device:

  1. Click on the Download Driver Zip File option, save the file onto a USB storage device.
  2. Plug the USB drive into the device, right-click on the file and unzip to the c:\5100\Belkin_Drivers folder. You will need to manually type this path into the 'Extract files to..' field.
  3. Insert the Belkin adapter into the device.
  4. The Found New Hardware wizard will appear.
  5. Point the installer to the c:\5100\Belkin_Drivers folder.
  6. The file needed to be pointed to is the rt73.sys driver file.

Note: If you are using a CLOSED device, please contact Technical Support for assistance.

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