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Device boots to completely dark (or light) screen
It seems like the DynaWrite won't start. When the device is turned on, the screen is either black with a green rim, or the opposite and may be completely pale green. You try resetting the unit with a paper clip and, during the reset sequence, you do see the DynaWrite logo and some other messages. After resetting, the screen returns the original problem, yet the device will speak.
Scanning Overlay does not respond correctly
The scanning overlay is not activating the letter or key that has been selected. For example, when Menu is selected, the BeKey window appears appears instead of the main menu.
Special command keys on the keyboard
Below is a list of the special command keys on the DynaWrite keyboard that allow the user to access DynaWrite specific tools and functions.  Click on the key for a description of function associated with that key.
Verifying the storage memory capacity
 How can I find out the memory capacity of my device?
How to clean the device touch panel and surrounding case
What can be used to disinfect the touch screen and device case?
Device is unresponsive or won't start up
The DynaWrite stopped responding to input from the keyboard. The cursor is no longer blinking. Or it will not start up at all.
Operating/Storage temperature specs
Operating and Storage temperatures of the DynaWrite device
How to reinstall the Space Bar key
How to reinstall the Space Bar key on the Dynawrite keyboard if it is not working correctly and/or has come off the keyboard.
What is the black piece that is attached to the cord of my charger?
The cord of my charger is wrapped around this small black piece of plastic, what is this?