Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the serial number on my device?

Most DynaVox devices have a label on the back that shows the serial number. To locate the serial number on a specific device, please refer to the list below.

  • DV4 or MT4: The serial number can be found under the support leg. DV4 serial numbers begin with DV. MT4 serial numbers begin with MT.
  • Dynamo Original: The serial number is on the back of the device and starts with DY.
  • DynaVox 3100 or DynaMyte 3100: The serial number is located on the back of the device. DynaVox 3100 serial numbers begin with DNV. DynaMyte 3100 serial numbers begin with DM.
  • DynaWrite: The serial number can be found on the back of the device and begins with DWE.
  • M3: The serial number is on the back along with a bar code. M3 serial numbers begin with M.
  • MightyMo or MiniMo: The serial number can be found under the support leg. MightyMo serial numbers begin with MG. MiniMo serial numbers begin with MN.
  • Palmtop/iChat or Enkidu/Impact Devices: The serial number can be found on the back of the device and starts with P (Palmtop), I (iChat), T (Tablet), X (TabletXL), E (Etalk) or H (Handheld). The manufacturer's serial number is also generally located on the back. The software ID number can be found in the software under Help > About IMPACT.
  • Vmax+ or V: The serial number is on the back along with a bar code. Vmax+ serial numbers begin with VM. V+ serial numbers begin with V.
I cannot locate my custom pages.

For the V+/Vmax+, DV4/MT4 or DynaVox/DynaMyte3100, use Page History to locate your pages. Page History is found in the lower left corner of the Page Navigator menu or in the main DynaVox Setup menu on the 3100 devices. The Page History contains pages that have been visited recently. Select the desired page in Page History to highlight it, and then select Go to Page or Jump to Page. For a V+/Vmax+, M3 or MiniMo/MightyMo, you can also use the Home button icon in the title bar. This will take you to the page that you designated as your home/main page. On the majority of DynaVox devices, you can also perform a search in the Page Browser menu based on the page name or page content to find the correct pages.

How do I obtain replacement parts and accessories for my device?

Replacement legs, card covers and screen covers can be requested through the Online Accessories Request Form for all V+/Vmax+, DV4/ MT4 and DynaVox/DynaMyte 3100 devices. This information can also be found on our Knowledge Base under Answer ID 2250.

When submitting a request for replacement parts you will need to provide the following information: serial number of the device, contact name, address with zip code, phone number with area code, and email address. DynaVox can not fulfill requests with incomplete information. Replacement parts are typically shipped free of charge via US Mail.

To purchase other accessories such as carrying cases, shoulder straps, key guards, etc, please contact the Customer Sales and Service team at 1.866.DYNAVOX (1.866.396.2869).

Will DynaVox Technologies always support my device?

DynaVox Technologies provides repair and technical support for all devices that are currently covered under a DynaCare service contract. Owners of devices that have expired service contracts or are no longer eligible for warranty coverage are entitled to receive technical support via phone, email and LiveChat and can access the 24/7 online Knowledge Base.

Due to constant changes in the electronics industry, DynaVox Technologies may not be able to provide repair support for devices beyond the service contract. We make every good faith effort to continue to support all devices, but, at times, we are unable to obtain replacement parts (i.e. circuit boards, liquid crystal displays, batteries, etc.) for older technology.

How long can I maintain a warranty on my DynaVox Technologies device?

The availability of extended warranty coverage for DynaVox Technologies brand products will vary by device type and the date of shipment. In most cases, devices can be warranted for up to five years from the date of purchase. Additional information is available in the warranties section of our website. For additional warranty information on a specific device, please contact our Customer Sales and Service team at 1.866.DYNAVOX (1.866.396.2869).

How do I set up a repair on my device?

If you device is in obvious need of repair (i.e. cracked touch panel or other physical damage) please use the Online Repair Request Form to submit the repair request to our Technical Support team. Once the request has been submitted you will receive a Repair Authorization (RA) number and additional instructions on sending in your device for repair.

If it is not immediately known if the device needs to be sent in for repair, please contact Technical Support for troubleshooting assistance before submitting a repair request, as some issues can be resolved without requiring that a device be sent in for repair. Technical Support can be reached by calling 1.866.DYNAVOX (1.866.396.2869). In order to ensure the best possible service, please be sure to have the device and serial number available when placing a call to Technical Support.

How do I check the status of a repair or get information regarding other non-technical issues?

Please contact the Customer Sales and Service team at 1.866.DYNAVOX (1.866.396.2869) for assistance with repair status, to place a new order, to check the status of an existing order and for assistance with all other non-technical questions.

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