Series 5 - Open Version

ATTENTION! Software versions 1.05.8 or less you must click here.

For V+, Vmax+ & Maestro, this release provides all the capabilities of 1.07, but improves the sound quality of the Acapela voices and improves the overall stability of the software. For V & Vmax, this release provides the same improvements as above but also provides all the capabilities found in the 1.07 release, which was only available on newly shipping devices (V+, Vmax+ & Maestro).

If you have version 1.06, 1.07 or version 1.07.1 then click "Download" to the right.

These include:

  • Enhanced WiFi & Bluetooth menus.
  • Redesigned camera menus and behaviors as well as a new Photo Album Browser.
  • New Windows desktop features for open devices: Smart Zoom, Smart Text Entry & Highlighting Accessible Desktop Items.
Note: If you can connect your V/Vmax device to the Internet, you can download and install this upgrade file directly. In the Series 5 software, select the Main Menu button > Setup > System Settings. In the System Settings menu, select the DynaVox Upgrade button.

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