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Donovan Fox

Children Who Don’t Speak CAN Learn to Communicate!
By Catherine Fox

Donovan is a young man who spent a great deal of his early development learning through applied behavior analysis (ABA) principles. An important part of his learning focused on receptive language development, combining visual supports (like those created with Boardmaker) with category-based learning. When it was time to choose an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) voice-output device, the DynaVox V was the device that best supported his past learning. He transitioned easily to the device, and uses it (and sometimes programs it!) on his own.

Discovering his voice has provided him with improved self-regulation and afforded him opportunities to interact with typical peers. We are thrilled with his successes and expect him to continue to improve with the use of his V which offers many opportunities for advancement with his communication skills.

His school staff has embraced his device as much as we have at home. Donovan’s story is important to tell because the InterAACT system is a perfect transition from the discrete trial instruction that many children receive early on. For children who don’t talk – be assured that they can learn to communicate

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