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Xpress Yourself Inside and Out!

Xpress is an ultra-portable, dynamic display, communication device. Due to its small size and powerful InterAACt language framework - Xpress fits easily into the lives of children and adults who require communication support and are on the go.

The Xpress may be appropriate for people who:

  • Are on the go and want a portable communication device.
  • Can easily select communication items on a small screen using their fingers.
  • Desire a unique swipe screen that allows fast access to a complete set of communication vocabulary.
  • Need a integrated calendar to remind them of events and keep track of tasks like taking medication.

Xpress System Photo & Video Gallery

  • Birthday Party

  • Dentist Appointment

  • Grocery Store

  • Pharmacy

  • Planet Closest to the Sun

  • Walk the Dog

If you are looking for a larger screen communication solution, check out Maestro and Vmax+. If eye control is needed, take a look at EyeMax. Want to type and talk? Go to the DynaWrite 2.0 page.

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The Implementation Toolkit is a collection of video and print-based resources created to help you facilitate successful interaction using AAC.

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