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What is InterAACt?

InterAACt is the language framework on all DynaVox devices that allows individuals with speech and language disabilities to successfully communicate, develop high-level language skills and express themselves. InterAACt provides the messages needed to say what you want, how you want and when you want! InterAACt uses familiar communication environments that are natural. Many language systems provide the tools for basic communication, but InterAACt provides everything you need for complete communication and self-expression.

How does InterAACt work on the Maestro?

The Maestro addresses communication needs across age span and communication ability ensuring that emergent, context-dependent and independent communicators can speak their minds quickly and efficiently across a range of topics and subjects with ease and precision using InterAACt. The vocabulary on the Maestro provides highly interactive and social messages needed to participate in new and familiar communication settings.

What are the key factors that drive InterAACt on the Maestro?

1. Age Relevance

InterAACt on the Maestro offers children and adults a wide range of content specific to their communication needs that is appropriate for their age group.

The Maestro offers communication pages for:

  • Young Children ages 2 - 6
  • Children ages 7 - 13
  • Teenagers ages 14 - 21
  • Young Adults ages 22 - 50
  • Adults ages 50+

Language studies have shown that we all tend to talk about the same topics - whether we're 4 years old, 40 years old or 90 years old. However, how we talk about these topics is dependent up on our age and ability level. Sure, we talk about the same things, but we talk about them in different ways. The Maestro gives you everything you need to speak your mind regardless of age or communication ability-level. In fact, the InterAACt language framework ensures that if you begin using the Maestro with a high communication ability level, it gives you the tools you need to stay where you are or even grow!

Child Quickfires
Child / Quickfires
Teen Quickfires
Teen / Quickfires
Young Adult Quickfires
Young Adult / Quickfires

2. Communication Environment

InterAACt pays particular attention to the places where people communicate. InterAACt on Maestro offers home, school, work and other communication pages to support everyday situations where social interactions occur.

Emergent Communicator
Emergent Communicator / Visual
Scene - Playground
Context-Dependent - ATM / Banking
Context-Dependent - ATM / Banking
Independent Communicator - Medical Appointment
Independent Communicator /
Medical Appointment

3. Communication Ability

InterAACt recognizes that people with significant communication needs fall into a broad spectrum of communication ability levels. Keeping this in mind, InterAACt on the Maestro is designed to provide options that allow individuals to communicate using pages sets that are appropriate for their communication ability and use them the way they want for communication. InterAACt supports communication for Emergent, Context-Dependent and Independent communicators.

Child - My Phrases/Argue
Child / My Phrases / Argue
Teen - My Phrases/Argue
Teen / My Phrases / Argue
Young Adult - My Phrases/Argue
Young Adult / My Phrases / Argue

Ultimate Communication Everyday

The power of InterAACt lies in the common elements that support continuity and progression across age and independence levels. InterAACt supports communication and language by maintaining these common elements in all page sets across the framework spectrum.

1. InterAACt is efficient.

InterAACt on the Maestro includes My Phrases and Quickfires that encourage successful day-to-day interaction by making use of preprogrammed words, re-usable phrases, and sentences that support fast and efficient communication.

Quickfires / Child / Context-Dependent
Quickfires / Child / Context-Dependent
Quickfires / Teen / Context-Dependent
Quickfires / Teen / Context-Dependent
Adult / QWERTY Keyboard /  Independent Communicator
Adult / QWERTY Keyboard /
Independent Communicator

2. InterAACt is precise.

Precision elements facilitate the development and use of higher-level language ability. The Maestro provides page sets that include a core of the most frequently used words along with age-specific and/or topic based phrases and fringe vocabulary. These words can be combined to expand communication messages and support language growth.

Child / Context-Dependent
Child / Context-Dependent
Teen / Keyboard
Teen / Keyboard
WP 60
WordPower 60

3. InterAACt is organized.

All communication pages found within InterAACt offer a consistent button layout strategy which promotes motor learning. Due to the fact that InterAACt is the exclusive language framework found on all DynaVox devices, the common progression across all age and communication ability levels will support the individual's effortless transition to the next level of communication, if needed.

Adult / Gateway 12 / Emergent Communicator
Adult / Gateway 12 /
Emergent Communicator
Adult / Gateway 40 / Context-Dependent
Adult / Gateway 40 /
Adult / Independent Communicator
Adult / Independent Communicator

4. InterAACt can be customized.

InterAACt on the Maestro offers ease of use through flexible and intuitive customization tools such as symbol libraries, new page creation templates and digital images.

Add a Template
Add a Template
Use the built-in camera to take photos and Incorporate them into communication pages.
Use the built-in camera to take
photos and Incorporate them into
communication pages.
Symbol Library
Symbol Library

5. InterAACt provides connections to the world.

InterAACt offers environmental control pages to allow individuals to use their Maestro to operate many household electronic appliances. On the Maestro it also allows individuals to make phone calls, send e-mail and text messages - all from within their communication software.

Child / E-mail
Child / E-mail
Teen / Text Message
Teen / Text Message
Young Adult / Phone
Young Adult / Phone

All of the five common elements found within InterAACt work together to create a robust and complete communication system on the Maestro. This multi-dimensional approach to communication on all DynaVox products ensures that individuals have the right words for the right situation and the right tools to develop new or maintain existing language and literacy skills.

If your client's or loved one's skills and needs differ from those listed above, DynaVox offers several other devices that might be a better match for their language and literacy levels. Please see information about the DynaVox Xpress, V+, Vmax+, Tango or M3.

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