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The ConnectITâ„¢ Device Mounting System, a full line from DynaVox, connects you with all of the features of your DynaVox communication device.

Chair Fasteners

A Chair Fastener is the part of a ConnectIT Wheelchair Mount that clamps onto the wheelchair: either on the Seat Rail or around a bar to tube that is part of the wheelchair's construction.

All of the ConnectIT Wheelchair Mount kits require a Chair Fastener to be selected at the same time that the Wheelchair Mount is selected. It is a necessary part of the mounting system, but one that will vary depending upon the wheelchair. The only exception is the Captain's Chair Mount, which already includes the Rectangular Chair Fastener 501771.

Chair Fastener Models

Round Tube Chair Fastener

This is the Round Tube Chair Fastener. It fastens around a straight section of round tube. The 1" Round covers slightly less than 2 inches of the wheelchair bar or tube to which it connects. It exists in the following sizes:
Instruction Guide

Model Tube Diameter
501768 1"
501773 1 1/8"
501774 1 1/4"
502050 1 3/8"
501775 1 1/2"
501776 1 3/4"
Permobil Power Wheelchair Fastener

This is the Permobil Power wheelchair Chair Fastener. It connects to the Seat Rail on all Permobil Power Wheelchairs. Instruction Guide

Channel Nut Chair Fastener

The Channel Nut Chair Fastener fits in the seat rail of most power wheelchairs - including Invacare and Quantum wheelchairs. This is the most common Chair Fastener for non-Permobil power wheelchairs. The length of the Channel Piece is 2 9/16". The round portion is slightly under 2 inches in diameter. Instruction Guide

Rectangular and Multi-Hole Chair Fastener

This is the Chair Fastener for both rectangular tubes that are larger than 1.25 inches on a side; as well as being able to bolt onto existing holes in the wheelchair. The rectangular plate sections are slightly smaller than 2 inches X 3.5 inches. Instruction Guide

Sleeves for Round Tube Chair Fastener

These are kits with sleeves to reduce the 1" round (501768) Chair Fastener to fit smaller diameter wheelchair tubes. These kits include the appropriate sleeves as well as the 1" round Chair Fastener (501768). There is no need to order the 1" Chair Fastener separately. Instruction Guide

Model Tube Diameter
501799 3/4"
501800 7/8"

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