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The DynaVox InterAACt language framework is an organized network of structured, yet flexible, communication messages that provides quick access to the right words for every situation. The words, phrases and messages found within InterAACt encourage communication independence and support interaction during typical day-to-day activities in the home, school, community and work environments.

The power of InterAACt lies in the common elements that support continuity and progression across age and independence levels. InterAACt supports communication and language by maintaining these common elements in all page sets across the framework spectrum.

1. InterAACt is efficient.

InterAACt includes Topic Pages and Quickfires that encourage successful day-to-day interaction by making use of preprogrammed words, re-usable phrases, and sentences that support fast and efficient communication. Topic pages (e.g., bedroom) provide common communication messages that are specific to those environments or situations (e.g., Good night. Can I have another blanket?, etc.). With InterAACt, the communicator will have access to hundreds of topics of conversation. Quickfires, on the other hand, provide access to words and short phrases that can be used in many situations because they are not specific to any environment (e.g., more, where, don't, let me, etc.). Topic messages and Quickfires can also be easily combined to create more complete messages (e.g., Hey wait. Good night mom., etc.).

Watch this video.

Garrett is playing in his room when his mother has called him to dinner. He is not ready to stop playing yet.

2. InterAACt is precise.

Precision elements facilitate the development and use of higher level language ability, literacy skills and novel message creation. Precision elements take advantage of single word vocabularies (core and categorical dictionaries) and keyboards and allow the communicator the ability to create novel messages by combining these single words together to create a complete thought (e.g., I – AM – GOING – TO – THE - MOVIE.). Gateway, Xpress Core, WordPower and AlphaCore are all examples of page sets that use a core word strategy.

Watch this video.

Jerry wants to ask a friend to go to the movies.

3. InterAACt is organized.

All communication pages found within InterAACt offer a consistent button layout strategy which promotes motor learning. The common progression across all age and communication ability levels will support the individual's effortless transition from:

As individuals move up through the communication ability levels, they will have increased access to higher level message creation tools (e.g., morphology), more vocabulary and more Topic Pages. These strategies ensure that the InterAACt will grow with the individual as their skills improve.

Watch this video.

Justin's Speech-Pathologist is quite pleased with his progress in his vocabulary learning, symbol usage and literacy skills development. He is ready to move from the Emergent to the Context-Dependent page sets. Because each level of InterAACt builds on the next, Justin's transition will be a breeze.

4. InterAACt can be customized.

InterAACt offers ease of use through flexible and intuitive customization tools such as symbol libraries, new page creation templates and digital image importing.

Watch this video.

Sue just returned from a fabulous vacation and can't wait to tell everyone all about her adventures.

5. InterAACt provides connections to the world.

InterAACt offers computer access and environmental control pages to allow individuals to operate many household electronic appliances.

Watch this video.

Graham's daughter is away at college. They stay in touch using instant messaging, text messaging and email.

All of the five common elements found within InterAACt work together to create a robust and complete communication system. This multi-dimensional approach to communication on all DynaVox products ensures that individuals have the right words and tools for every situation.

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