InterAACt Core Word Strategies: Xpress Core

Xpress Core was created using past research in the area of core words as well as an analysis of natural language sample data. This analysis identified frequently used words by age ranges as well as compared these lists across all age ranges to ensure consistency. Due to the compact size and small screen found on the Xpress, a reasonable representation of all parts of speech, with an emphasis on verbs, is provided.

In an effort to support a wide range of communicators, Xpress Core is available in both text-only and symbol formats. Xpress core provides access to the most frequently used words in combination with easy access to Word Lists (sometimes called fringe vocabulary).

Xpress core Text Only
Xpress Core - Text Only

Xpress Core Symbols
Xpress Core - Symbols

Items found in the Vocabulary Lists were grouped together in a way that provides easy access. Xpress Core in combination with Word Lists and keyboards provide a solid base from which to compose novel messages and develop higher level language skills.

Xpress core Text Only
Xpress Core - Text Only

Xpress Time
Xpress Core - Time

Tabs are available across the top of the Word Lists page to allow the communicator to choose other categories of words. Words are group together in a logical manner to increase efficiency while composing messages. For example, to create the message "In a minute." the communicator would select "In a…" from the Core Words page. They would then select the Word List button, choose the "Time" button in the Describing and Actions tab page. This will provide access to days, months, time words and numbers vocabulary.

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