InterAACt Core Word Strategies: Gateway to Language & Learning©

Gateway to Language and Learning© (Gateway) was designed by Joan Bruno, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and functions as InterAACt's core vocabulary strategy on the Maestro, V+, and Vmax+ devices. When you choose a page set in InterAACt, based on a person's age and communication ability level, Gateway will support the development and use of higher level language and literacy skills.

Why is there a number behind the word Gateway?

When you see a number following Gateway, it describes the number of locations, or communication items, presented on the page. For example, Gateway 20 has twenty locations, or communication items, on its page.

Gateway 20 Location, Child
Gateway 20 Location, Child, Context Dependent

By choosing the core vocabulary words, "I eat" in Gateway 20, you are presented with food choices...

Gateway 20 Location, Child, I Eat Example
Gateway 20 Location, 'I eat'

Gateway 20 Location, Child, I Eat Choices
Gateway 20 Location, 'I eat' (choices)

Designed for people who are communicating needs and wants, and beginning to develop or re-build their basic literacy skills.

The goal of Gateway 20 is to enhance language development opportunities and expand the size of the user's core vocabulary. Children 2-15 years old whose receptive language skills are at the 24-30 month level may benefit from Gateway 20. This page set suits children and teens as these communicators need symbols and/or digital photos to support their use of vocabulary and may be starting to create 1-2 word messages to convey a complete thought.

Gateway Adult 40
Gateway 40 Location

Gateway 40 is designed for people who are beginning to build and communicate longer sentences.

Gateway 40 addresses the communication needs for children ages 3 -12 years with receptive skills at the 30-60 month level. The expressive performance of these users would range from the use of 2-3 word telegraphic sentences (e.g.,'I go park') to syntactically correct sentences (e.g., 'I want to go to park'). A user of this page set has the potential to learn to use word endings, articles and prepositions. Spelling and reading are among educational goals and abilities.

Gateway User
Gateway User

In addition, Gateway offers stand-alone, core vocabulary page sets which are available in its own user on the DynaVox Maestro, V+, and Vmax+ devices. Gateway features specific content for teenagers who are on their way to becoming independent communicators and specific vocabulary for adults. For more information on Gateway go to

Gateway Benefits

Core Vocabulary Built-In

  • Gateway is the core vocabulary strategy included on the Maestro, V+, Vmax+.
  • Additional Gateway Page Sets are available in the Gateway user.

Easy Transition

  • Gateway grows with the ability growth of those who are learning language for the first time, or those that are rebuilding their language and literacy skills.
  • Gateway includes Setup pages that facilitate language and literacy growth from Context-Dependent to Independent.

Serious Tools

  • Gateway has remote control pages to help control a person's environment.
  • Gateway includes literacy support features like Symantic Power Sentence Strips and Word Morphology to help facilitate quick, precise communication and literacy skill development. To learn more about Gateway's features go to

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