DynaLessons is a vocabulary application package created to encourage classroom participation through fun and engaging lessons. Created by Marshall Fenig, M.A., CCC-SLP, M.Ed & Gail Hallenberg, M.S., CCC-SLP, DynaLessons is an integrated teaching support tool which includes a workbook and a CD. The workbook includes implementation strategies, detailed lesson plans and letters to parents that contain suggestions on how to continue supporting the lessons at home. The CD contains the DynaLessons pages that must be imported into the student's current user on their DynaVox Series 4 or Series 5 device.

DynaLessons offers ten complete lesson plans for the following classroom activities:

• About Me
• Planting a Seed
• Classroom Monitor
• Cookies

• Animal 20 Questions
• Ocean Life
• Peanut Butter and Jelly

• Our School Community
• Circle Time
• Classroom Monster

In addition, a Create Your Own Lesson template is also provided so that custom curriculum content can be incorporated using the same consistent format.

The lessons are provided at different levels, allowing a teacher to vary the complexity of the responses required from a student. The appropriate level is one which challenges the student but is not so difficult that it precludes success. Each succeeding level encourages a more complex response.

The first level of any given lesson allows the student to participate fully in the activity using complete sentences. Vocabulary provided in levels two and three provide both phrases and single words, requiring the selection of up to four buttons in sequence to generate a novel message. Supplemental vocabulary and comments can be accessed by navigating to additional pages or popups.


Each lesson plan contains the following components:

• Description of the lesson
• Concepts to be learned
• Materials needed

• Preparation
• Implementation
• Levels of interactive complexity

• Activities for extra practice
• A letter to the parents suggesting
  home activities that can be done
  to encourage proficiency in the   concepts

Communicator Profile

The DynaLessons vocabulary package is appropriate for augmentative communicators of varying communication ability levels in the elementary school setting. The activities are appropriate for students who are emergent readers or for those students who are learning basic communication skills.

DynaLessons Benefits

Consistent Format

• Each lesson provides a consistent strategy for teaching that will support learning and participation through repetition
  and practice.

Appropriate For All Students

• Increase participation for all students, whether they use and AAC device or not. These lessons will be appropriate
  for the whole class.

Start Teaching Skills in an Instant

• 10 complete lesson ready for immediate use. Spend less time programming and more time teaching!

Fun and Engaging

• Motivating and interactive lessons that will teach basic communication skills in a meaningful and entertaining way.



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