Communicate 4

Communicate 4 is a page set created exclusively for the Maestro, V+ and Vmax+ to give adults and teens the right tools in order to actively manage and communicate about their services and participate in their communities. It was developed by Barbra Collier (Speech Language Pathologist), Paul Janzen (AAC Technologist) and Susie Blackstien-Adler (Occupational Therapist).

Master page (PCS version) of
Communicate 4 on a DynaVox
Series 4 device.

Communicate 4 is intended to be customized for individual use and can be introduced gradually using the accompanying home study guide. This extensive 150 page guide provides suggestions and lesson plans for consumers, family members and service providers to support users in learning how to communicate in a variety of contexts.

Health page (PCS version) of
Communicate 4 on a DynaVox
Series 5 device.


For unique message generation, Communicate 4 provides:
• Access to spelling with character and word prediction
• Single word vocabularies based on research
• More than 9,000 context based words and phrases
• Easy and efficient navigation

For vocabulary that is specific to common communication environments, Communicate 4 provides More than 250 programmed pages and popups on topics required by many adults who use AAC.

Common illnesses page (PCS
version) of Communicate 4 on a
DynaVox Series 5 device.

Communicate 4 includes phrases and sentences related to 26 communication topics, such as communicating about assistance with eating, drinking, dressing, seating, housekeeping, making appointments and transportation plans, using the telephone, making social plans, communicating about health, participating at a case conference etc.

Over 100 single word vocabularies lists associated with the 26 communication topics are available.

Communicator Profile

Communicate 4 is designed for people ages 15+ who want a variety of spelling, single words, phrases and/or sentences. It contains researched vocabulary to direct daily services and communicate in common community-based situations.

Communicate 4 Benefits

Quick and Easy Communication

• Provides access to both novel message generation as well as preprogrammed phrases and sentences for
  efficient communication.
• Incorporates researched vocabulary lists.

Communication on Your Terms

• Provides a foundation for customization and expansion.
• Utilizes DynaVox Series 4 and Series 5 software.

Research Tested

• Rooted in a theoretical and philosophical framework that fosters self-determination for teens and adults that
  use AAC.

Additional Support Included

• Communicate 4 ships with a self-study guide providing an in depth overview lesson plans and easy setup.



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