AlphaCore is designed to facilitate communication for literate adults, like those with ALS. Developed by Amy Roman, M.S., CCC-SLP, AlphaCore reduces message creation time by more than 50% by combining Core Vocabulary (a small set of high-usage words that account for about 75% of the words we say) with well-organized conversation pages. AlphaCore is available exclusively on the DynaVox V+, Vmax+ and EyeMax System.

AlphaCore Mini Core Words AlphaCore Mini Core Words
AlphaCore Mid-Size / About Me AlphaCore Mid-Size / About Me

1. AlphaCore Mini

• Large, easy-to-target and easy-to-read buttons for those who have difficulty seeing or targeting.

Mini Core Words

2. AlphaCore Mid-Size

• Offers a larger array of core vocabulary and topic pages.
• Often preferred by communicators using scanning or those who have some difficulty targeting.

Mid-Size Core Words

3. AlphaCore Extreme

• Provides the maximum amount of core word vocabulary and topic pages to greatly increase communication speed.
• An excellent fit for those who can easily target buttons.

Extreme Core Words

Content and organization remain consistent between all three AlphaCore options allowing communicators to easily transition to a different version of AlphaCore if their abilities or access needs change.

Communicator Profile

AlphaCore is appropriate for literate individuals who want quick communication and easy access to e-mail, eBooks, the Internet, call chimes and the phone.

AlphaCore Benefits

Quick and Easy Communication

• Create novel communication messages using core words.
• Core vocabulary is placed on one page.
• Reduces the time needed to create messages - often by more than 50% over using a standard onscreen keyboard.
• Well-organized conversation pages require little navigation.

Communication on Your Terms

• Supports a wide-range of selection methods including touch, eyegaze, mouse, trackballs, scanning and head tracker.
• Select the version of AlphaCore that best meets your needs.

Stay Connected

• Stay close to family and friends using photo albums, video clips and personalized user pages.
• Talk on the phone, send e-mail and text messages and surf the Internet – all from within AlphaCore.
• Seamless transitions between basic communication and computer access.

Tools to Meet Your Needs

AlphaCore also incorporates the following options into the page set:
• e-books
• Photo albums
• A scratch pad that allows you to quickly store messages that you compose and think you might want to use again.



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