Autism Overview

For many children, experiencing the world around them and communicating with those people who are important to them is easy and enjoyable. However, for many children with autism, communication and social connections with others may be confusing or challenging, requiring a little extra support from parents, peers, and educators. Successful communication requires that children with autism have the right tools at the right time and know how to use them. At DynaVox, we strive to provide children with autism and their communication partners with the necessary tools to improve communication and learning, speak their minds, and reach their full potential.

Possible signs and symptoms of communication challenges may include:

  • No or limited purposeful verbal speech
  • Difficulty expressing needs and wants
  • Echolalia (Repeating a word or phrase that has been previously heard)
  • Loss of words that the child was previously able to say
  • Inability to identify objects (poor vocabulary development)
  • Difficulty answering questions
  • Limited attention to people and objects in the environment
  • Poor response to verbal instructions

DynaVox provides a range of tools that children with autism need to overcome communication challenges, develop language and literacy skills, make choices, speak their minds and fully participate in life!

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Implementation Toolkit

The Implementation Toolkit is a collection of video and print-based resources created to help you facilitate successful interaction using AAC.

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