How can I make sure that an EyeMax device will work with the Vmax that I have?

If there is a question about whether an EyeMax device will work on a Vmax, there are some guidelines to follow.

Article ID: 7029  |  Published: 8/26/2014  |  Last Updated: 8/26/2014


Some simple guidelines:

Any Vmax device (VM, not VMD or VMP serial numbers) must have an EyeMax with the password number on it (QuickGlance software).  The newer ones (w/no password - EmGen) won’t work on the older devices.  If you're not certain of the serial number, either check in the software (Menu, Help, About) or look under the battery - there should be a sticker with the serial number on it in the battery cavity.

Any VMD or VMP (we prefer VMDs, because of the faster processor) can work with the non-password EyeMax device – but you may need to remove a couple of files in order for the software to work with the newer hardware.

If you are putting a non-password EyeMax on a VMD or VMP, then you need to:

--don’t attach the USB cable at first – do these steps first

--turn on the device (I am going to assume that it is an open device)

--close the Series 5 software after it is finished loading up

--go to the Start Menu, and open Computer

--Open Windows 7 C: drive, then the 5100 folder

--Look for folders that are called QuickGlance and Quick Glance 5.2

--drag those folders out of the 5100 folder – put them on the desktop perhaps – in case you need them at another time.

--close everything, and shut down the device normally.

--connect all the EyeMax cables, and turn the device back on.

If this is a new EyeMax, then it should boot up normally, and work with the newer software.


It is similar if you want to put an older EyeMax on a newer device – it needs to have those QuickGlance folders in the 5100 folder, so it can load the drivers properly.  You can always copy them from another device, or “bring them back” if you have removed them in the past.


There are a couple of anomalies – there may be some older VMD models (indicated by the lower serial numbers) that need to have their BIOS program updated – those might need to come in for that update. 

You would also want to make certain that the software on the Vmax is at