How do you get scanning to work in Activity Center on a Series 5 device?

How do you get scanning to work in Activity Center on a Series 5 device?

Applies To: EyeMax, Maestro, V/Vmax, V/Vmax+, Boardmaker Windows, Devices, Mayer-Johnson

Article ID: 7041  |  Published: 10/7/2014  |  Last Updated: 10/7/2014


To get scanning to work in Activity Center (i.e. Virtual Field Trip) on a Series 5 device you must do the following steps: 

·         Open Series 5

·         Go to the upside down triangle and then setup and setup menu

·         Change selection method to Touch Enter and extend the desktop to the desktop (bottom right corner of setup menu)

·         You can now exit the Series 5 software

·         Next open Boardmaker Activity Center

·         Change the scanning settings by clicking on the A Icon in the top left corner (you need a mouse for this step)

·         Select Setup and Options

·         Select General under Access Method

·         Set your Access Method to Scanning

·         Set Switch 1 as Space (is using 2 switch set switch 2 as enter)

·         Now click on Scanning under Access Method and set desired scan pattern and scan type

·         Next minimize Activity Center and go to Windows Desktop

·         Select the Start Button

·         Next the Control Panel

·         Open Dynavox V in the Control Panel

·         Select the switch and add the BM Activity Center.exe (not the shortcut to the programs)

·         Then set switch 1 as Space (if using 2 switch, set second switch as enter)

·         Go back into Activity Center and scanning will be working



If scanning is still not working, make sure you switch is plugged into switch port 1 on the device.


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