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DynaVox Maestro

Maestro is setting a whole new standard in the Alternative and Augmentative Communication industry! Its support for advanced multimedia communication tools gives users the power, flexibility and freedom to use the tools that best fit their personality, and lets them feel proud about owning and using it.

DynaVox Vmax+

Powerful and flexible enough for all ages and abilities, the Vmax+ is a complete communication solution for an augmented communicator. Full Windows OS computer it delivers internet access, email, text messaging and environmental control capabilities.

Eyemax™ System

Access the Vmax+/Vmax with the blink of an eye using the EyeMax System, comprised of a Vmax+/Vmax and an EyeMax Accessory.

DynaVox Xpress

Portable, discreet and easy-to-use, the Xpress delivers full communication capabilities previously available only in larger devices. While primarily a communication device, additional features empower you to connect to the Internet, control your environment and store digital photos, videos and music.

DynaVox M³

The M³ is a dynamic display device with concrete scenes and symbols that represent ideas and objects. It is ideal for users who use images to establish the context or topic of an interaction.

DynaWrite 2.0
DynaVox DynaWrite™ 2.0

The DynaWrite's computer-style keyboard and large screen display suit individuals with strong literacy skills. Connect it to your PC, talk on the phone and use it as a universal remote control for common household appliances.

ConnectIT™ Mounting Systems

The ConnectIT Mounting System, a full line from DynaVox, connects you with all of the features of your DynaVox communication device.

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Implementation Toolkit

The Implementation Toolkit is a collection of video and print-based resources created to help you facilitate successful interaction using AAC.

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